Dr Christine Nolan is the CEO and founder of She also has extensive clinical experience and is therefore uniquely qualified to detect and manage diseases of the lower extremities including those related to peripheral arterial disease and diabetes.
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What Causes foot pain when walking?

Are you experiencing foot pain when walking? The pain could be a result of some injury or as a symptom of a disease. Here,...

24 Best Barefoot Shoes for Men & Women

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Top Celebrities with Bunions

Do Celebrities Have bunions? The answer to this is absolute!  Of course, there are plenty of celebrities with bunions and you can be sure that in...

14 Best Safety Shower Standing handle Ideas

Shower standing handles and toilet safety frames are designed for people who have trouble or need assistance when sitting and standing in the bathroom....

The Best Calf Massagers For Sore Muscles

If you're serious about getting a foot and calf massage daily, then consider getting a calf massager for home use. Here's the brutal truth about...

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