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How to Get Rid of Smelly Feet (Bromodosis)


We are all plagued with the problem of stinky feet at some point in our lives and it can be an incredibly embarrassing issue. There is nothing worse than feeling embarrassed about something that could empty a room within seconds!

However, it really can be treated very easily and cheaply too and by following a few simple rules, you will be able to keep your feet happy and healthy and more importantly, odour free!

There are many reasons for having stinky feet and it is good to know that there are several remedies to cure the problem and treat the actual cause. Many of the products are simple items that you may already have laying about the house or which can be found in chemists and stores.

Whilst there are some excellent natural ways to prevent and cure foot odour, there is a good range of products that have been specifically designed to tackle the cause of foot odour and to treat it effectively.

  • Foot antiperspirants
  • Home solutions for smelly feet
  • Socks for sweaty and Smelly Feet
  • Foot soak

What Causes Smelly feet

What exactly is the cause of stinky feet? The simple answer to that is bacteria because our feet are the perfect place for bacteria to thrive and survive.

Sweaty feet which are trapped inside socks and shoes can cause our feet to smell because of bacteria that can thrive on moist skin. In fact, brevibacterium is a major cause of stinky feet and some bacteria love the dead skin on our feet too. Interestingly it isn’t the actual sweat that causes our feet to stink.

The sweat creates the perfect environment for different types of bacteria to live and breed and it is this that creates the smell that so many of us have to endure at some point in our lives.

The main culprit is wearing shoes without sufficient ventilation which gives all that nasty bacteria the perfect invitation to play havoc with our feet.

Shoes which have adequate ventilation reduce the risk of stinky feet and wearing socks also helps to reduce the problem.

However, if you wear socks with shoes that offer little in the way of ventilation, stinky feet will become more of a reality, particularly if you don’t allow your feet to breathe.

Wearing shoes without socks means that moisture from sweat creates the perfect but dreaded breeding ground for dirt to collect and for mould and bacteria to grow.

We can always wash our socks but the reality is that we rarely wash our shoes and the buildup can cause our feet to become very stinky indeed!!

Prevention and Cure of Stinky Feet

There are things we can do to prevent stinky feet in the first place, however, if you are already suffering from this unpleasant condition, don’t worry because there are several remedies that can be used to combat the problem. There are also sensible steps we can take to help prevent foot odor.

Prevention is the best cure and wearing a well-ventilated shoe with cotton socks will help to stop the odor in its tracks. Cotton has antibacterial properties and allows air to circulate around our feet. Synthetic or nylon socks can aggravate the problem because they do not allow our feet to breathe properly.

It’s always a good idea to kick off our shoes, even for a few minutes so that that the air circulates, thereby reducing the sweat which dirt and bacteria are so attracted to.

If you are already suffering from stinky feet it can really impact your life by making you feel self-conscious and embarrassed. However, there are some fantastic and highly effective remedies on the market to cure the problem. Some of these remedies are cheap and which you may already have tucked away in your house.

Epsom salt is known for helping to kill bacteria. It is not the type of salt we put on our food although a good soak in sea salt can help to get rid of all that excess sweat. Epsom salts, however, are magnesium and are found in the salt mines in Epsom, Surrey in the United Kingdom, hence its name.

They are known for their diverse health benefits, one of which is treating a range of skin conditions and stinky feet! Soaking your feet in a warm bath with Epsom salts helps to get rid of all that bacteria which helps to stop the odor in its tracks.

Other simple remedies include washing your feet every day with an antibacterial soap. There are also good foot odor powders that can help to lessen the smell on both feet and shoes although, talcum powder is also incredibly effective.

Some people swear by a sprinkle of cornstarch in the offending shoe which draws up the moisture and helps keep your feet drier. Baking soda is in most people’s cupboards and very cheap – sprinkling it into the shoe acts as a preventative measure and draws away any moisture.

Odor eaters are very popular and are used as an insole for the shoe. They are absorbent and help to protect against bacteria and moisture and can be bought in most chemists and supermarkets.

There are foot deodorants that can be very effective and which can be sprayed on both feet and in shoes. They help to destroy the build-up of all that nasty bacteria which can cause the stinky feet we all dread.

The best way to combat stinky feet is to wear shoes that allow your air to breathe. If you do wear a closed-toe shoe, ensure you were either cotton or wool socks as this help the air to circulate. Remember, synthetic and nylon can make our feet sweat more, so try and avoid these if you can.


To summarize, the following steps will ensure that you can prevent and treat the cause of stinky feet:
Always wash socks thoroughly and make sure your feet are cleaned and dried properly every day, using antibacterial soap.

Try not to wear the same pair of shoes every day – this helps lessen the buildup of dirt and sweat.

Both Sea salt and the previously mentioned Epsom salts will help to get rid of dead skin which bacteria love to feed on and will leave your feet feeling refreshed and clean. They are an excellent way to stop the bacteria in its tracks before it starts to get out of control.

Foot sprays are also refreshing and help to deodorize the skin and work very well with special foot powder – talcum powder is another amazing, cheap and effective way to keep feet and shoes dry by sucking out the excess moisture.

And lastly, allow your feet to breathe! Feet need a rest from being covered in socks or in shoes and allowing them to breathe from time to time is an excellent, preventative cure.

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