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22 Best Basketball Shoes That are Trending Now (Men & Women)


In a full-court game, it has been estimated that a basketball player runs, walks, slides, or hops a total distance between 3-6 miles!

If you have ever played or watched a basketball game, you know how accurate that sounds.  If you’re going to travel that far in your shoes, you need something you can rely on during the game time.

You need the best basketball shoes that fit the important needs of your game.  Excluding the hoop and the ball itself, shoes are probably the most important and costly equipment you will ever purchase.  Think about the amount of time and abuse your shoes need to endure.

Basketball Shoes: Our Top Picks

1. KD Trey 5 IX


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3. Nike Kyrie 7 Basketball Shoes

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4. Joomra Men’s Stylish Sneakers High Top Athletic-Inspired Shoes

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5. Beita Basketball Shoes Sneakers Men Breathable Sports Shoes Anti Slip

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6. Top Men’s Basketball Shoes Lou Williams Breathable Non Slip Outdoor Sneaker

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7. Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoes

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8. Basketball Size Boys Sneakers

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9. Shaqnosis Basketball Shoes

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10. Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes

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11. Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI Basketball Shoe

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12. Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut Basketball Shoes

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13. PUMA Men’s Triple Basketball Shoe

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14. Negash Men’s Basketball Shoes Non Slip Low Top Sneakers Breathable Cushioning

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Choosing Basketball Shoes

1. Wide Feet

Everyone’s foot is different in shape, size, and width. Certain brands run narrower than others; conversely, certain brands run wider than others. Fortunately, the shoes available to you are no exception.

Most shoe brands don’t bother manufacturing men’s basketball shoes in different widths because of the cost and storage space.  Fortunately, we’ve found a few shoes to accommodate those paddles.  Check out our comparison guide.

2. Flat Feet

Finding the proper shoe becomes even more important if you’re like me and you have flat feet.  Traveling 3-6 miles in a shoe with little to no support leaves you with arch pain and knee pain.

You’ll need a shoe with a supported arch to help keep your feet and knees aligned correctly.  Sometimes, the right shoe insert can keep you running with no issues if you’re lucky.  Otherwise, a shoe with strong support should be at the top of your shopping list.

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3. Is your size always sold out?

Traditional sports stores are known for being out of stock on the more popular sizes.  Sometimes this forces you into settling for a different shoe that no longer fits your needs or, worse, a size that doesn’t fit your foot correctly.

Sometimes, the best shoes for basketball are worth the wait, even if the big game is tomorrow.  If you take the time to research, you can easily find your first choice from an online retailer.

4. Basketball Shoe Blisters

For basketball players, the most common area to experience blisters is on the toes. This is an area where you get the most bang for your buck.  Less expensive basketball shoes tend to skimp when it comes to padding, cushioning, and material quality, but remember that a new pair of shoes will almost always cause blisters until they have passed the breaking-in period.

The size of the toe box in a shoe should conform to your toes comfortably.  They should not make you feel like you just put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot.  If the blisters are on the tops of your toes, it could mean the toe box is not tall enough, but in my experience, most of the top-of-the-toe blister issues were from cheap basketball shoes.

When I became old enough to purchase my own shoes, I can remember a specific pair that I purchased for around $45.00.  I remember playing in them the first time.  The padding or lining between my foot and the outer shell of my shoe was non-existent.  Before the game was halfway over, I could feel the shoe rubbing on my toes like heavy grit sandpaper.

Needless to say, I left the game with bloody socks and two pinky toes that looked like they were dragged across the asphalt court.  No matter the break-in period, your first game in a pair of shoes should never be that brutal.

5. Lightweight and Breathable

Basketball is a sweaty sport, especially for your feet.  Thankfully the shoe designers are well aware of this, and they have creative ways to allow your feet to breathe.  This feature is important for game time and prevents bad odors by allowing your shoes to dry.

The last thing you want is to be chillin’ on the side of the key during a free throw, sportin’ a new pair of LeBron X shoes that smell like your dirty socks from last week’s game (that was only an example, the LeBron X is actually a very breathable basketball shoe and King James would never accept anything less).

A side benefit of being breathable is being lightweight. A breathable basketball shoe is usually lightweight, but it’s not always the other way around. You can replace certain sections of the shoe with a mesh-type material, and the more material taken away, the more lightweight and breathable the shoe becomes.

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6. High, Mid, or Low Top

This all depends on the style or position that you prefer to play.  A smaller, quicker guard prefers a mid to low-cut shoe because of how much lighter they are in weight.  The larger, taller forward player usually leans toward a high top to help support the ankle area.

When your job is to protect the boards and play with your back to the basket, you’re more likely to land on a few feet.  Nothing knocks you out of a game faster than an ankle roll that turns purple the next morning.

7. Lateral Support

If you’re the next AI and your crossover is your best weapon, lateral support in a basketball shoe is a must-have.  You can’t wear a running shoe during a basketball game because it’s built to move forward, and that’s all.  The sides are completely rounded over, and that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Moving side to side as a dribbler or a defender is a skill you learn on your first day of basketball camp.  The bigger and more talented you get, the more momentum you will carry.  So, the next time you break out the UTEP two-step, be sure your shoes feature a wide base with a sharp edge to keep your lateral balance.  Let your defender break their ankles, not you.


Take a look around and learn a few things before you shell out your hard-earned pay.  Shoes are not cheap, so make an informed decision, not just a stylish one.

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