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22 Stylish and Comfortable Golf Shoes


Choosing the proper golf shoe isn’t as easy as simply buying the nicest appearing shoes that you can buy. There are many things that you’ll want to take into account when searching for women’s golf shoes.

A few of these components include just how long your foot is, how wide your foot is, what kind of arch you have, and how you distribute body weight on your foot.

These variables may influence how your footwear fit and just how you balance. If you select the incorrect footwear for your foot, you could increase your likelihood of getting a personal injury, and you may damage your odds of shooting the best game.

Women’s Golf Shoes: Our Top Picks

1. Premiere Series – Cap Toe Women

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2. FootJoy Women’s Traditions Golf Shoe

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3. FootJoy Women’s Fj Leisure Slip-on Golf Shoes

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4. MyJoys Premier Series – Traditional Women

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5. PUMA GOLF Women’s Tustin Slip-on Golf Shoe

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6. Skechers Women’s 600 Spikeless Golf Sandals Shoe

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7. FootJoy Women’s Golf Sandals Shoes

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8. Adidas Women’s Response Bounce Golf Shoe

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9. FootJoy Fj Flex Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

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10. Skechers Women’s Go Drive Dogs at Play Spikeless Golf Shoe

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11. ECCO Women’s S-Three Gore-tex Golf Shoe

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12. Skechers Max Golf Shoe

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How to Choose Golf Shoes

Choosing the right golf shoe will have a direct impact on your game. The average golfer spends about 5 hours standing and walks 5 miles during a game of golf.

This is why it is important to be sure you are wearing a supportive golf shoe that fits you properly. Continue reading to learn some guidelines to take into consideration when shopping for that perfect golf shoe:

1. Golf Shoe Fit

Measure both of your feet to ensure that the shoes will comfortably fit both feet. This is especially true if one foot is larger than the other. Go with the size that fits the larger foot comfortably.

Wear the socks you would normally wear during play.

The shoe should bend where your foot naturally bends when you stand on your tiptoes or wiggle your toes. Test the shoe one foot at a time.

Be sure the middle part of the shoe fits snugly. If it feels too tight, don’t worry, it will stretch with your foot over time. This is where golfers need the most support during their swing.

Check to be sure there is a 1/2 inch of space between the tip of the shoe and your big toe.

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2. Golf Shoe Waterproofing

More expensive than regular shoes, a waterproof shoe is a good choice if you play in conditions where your feet may be exposed to wetness or moisture. A waterproof shoe will be much more comfortable in this case. For waterproofing features as well as support, choose a leather upper.

Try not to opt for golf shoes made from synthetic leather, as these materials don’t offer much protection in the water or breathability.

3. Price

A high-quality golf shoe made from good material is worth the monetary investment. A shoe made from calfskin leather, for example, is more expensive but will hold up better than one made from a material such as polyester.

There is a wide range of pricing for purchasing golf shoes, which is mainly dependent on the material used in its construction.

4. Frequency of Play

When purchasing golf shoes, the amount of golf you actually play should be factored in. If you only get out on the green a few times during the season, you may not need high-dollar, high-end shoes.

However, if you live in a warm climate all year long, or you play every weekend during the season, it may be beneficial to you to invest in a good pair of high-quality shoes. Golfers regularly need a shoe that provides the utmost support, comfort, and breathability.

5. Golf Shoe Style

There are several different styles of golf shoes on the market today. They come in the athletic, traditional saddle, trendy, and even sandal-style for the relaxed golfer. Just be sure whatever style you choose is the most comfortable for you.

Golf is an individual sport, and many golfers are considered the most fashionable athletes. Tiger Woods took fashion and golf and melded them together. His black and red golf apparel will forever be associated with him. Use the opportunity when purchasing golf shoes to create your own individual style.

No matter your style or design preference, there is a golf shoe on the market today that will fit your desires. Some of the most popular brands today are coming up with some unique designs that reflect the differing tastes of golfers.

Today, golf shoe designs are more simple than other athletic footwear; however, they have evolved over the years, and there are many designs to choose from.

Golf shoe manufacturers make their logo very apparent if you choose their brand of golf shoes. For example, an Adidas brand shoe has the three stripes visible on it, and Nike shoes have that obvious swoosh logo.

The color scheme of golf shoes has also changed over the years. Golf shoes come in various colors and shades, not just the boring black, brown, or white that your grandfather may have worn. They even come in multi-colored designs, where the soles are a different color than the rest of the shoe. The options are endless.

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What happens when your golf shoes do not provide comfort?

It is clearly specified that comfort is essential in golf shoes. If the footwear does not provide this needed feeling, you may end up hurting your feet for the duration of the entire time that you are wearing it. Worst, you can even break the bones in your toes if the shoes aren’t.

Uncomfortable shoes can even cause a slip that can sprain your feet. Discomfort can result in other foot problems like an athlete’s foot or arthritic gout.

You have to start playing golf by wearing the best-fitted and most comfortable golf shoes to evade the problem. You can also use dry socks for foot problem prevention.

What are the Benefits of Golf Shoes

Are you new to golf and wonder why you need to buy golf shoes to play? If so, you are not alone. Many people new to the sport wonder this very same question. The answer is simple: golf shoes are designed to be worn while playing golf, much like cleats used for playing soccer or baseball.

Your game will not reach its full potential without golf shoes, and you may be at a disadvantage. Sometimes, wearing the wrong footwear can make you more prone to injury. Here are some benefits of golf shoes that can give you a better understanding of this footwear:

1. Sturdiness

Due to the green’s opportunity to be slick or wet, especially during a.m. hours, golf shoes are designed to help the golfer not slip with their wide-track rubber soles and sharp yet sturdy tongs.

Golf shoes are lightweight yet provide the golfer with sturdiness. They also support the arches in ways other sports shoes are not designed to do.

2. Support and Comfort

At the end of a golf stroke, golfers are using the balls of their feet after their swing. Golf shoes contain extra padding, midfoot support, and shock absorption.

This is all designed to support the golfer and make walking in between holes more comfortable. They are made from leather designed to aid the golfer by providing support and flexibility.

3. Breathability

For golfers, having a shoe that offers support and breathability is important. Gore-Tex, a material designed to provide breathability, prevent sweating, and absorb moisture, is often used to make golf shoes.

Other shoes may have a polyurethane and charcoal mixture in their footbed that helps to warm and cool the foot and provide absorption for any moisture.

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4. Balance

When noticing the bottom of a golf shoe, you will see that it is shaped to give the wearer proper weight distribution and balance while playing the game. This is unlike other sports shoes, such as soccer cleats or tennis shoes.

Golf shoes have a broader base to give a golfer proper balance during the swinging motion performed when standing in one place. Other sports shoes are designed for mobility. They do not have the broad base for balance like golf shoes do.

5. Flexibility

Golf shoes are flexible, which sets them apart from ordinary tennis shoes or other sports shoes. Golf shoes are not designed to hold the golfer in one certain place. Basketball sneakers and football spikes are designed to keep the wearer in place during important shots or defensive holds.

During golf, sometimes a shot is on a slight hill or slope, and the shoes the golfer wears need to flex and move with the wearer. Golf shoes are designed for this case specifically: they move with the golfer’s feet, not hold them to one specific spot.

6. Anchor

A golf shoe has soft spikes in an anchor system pattern located on the bottom. This is very different than the cleats and spikes on soccer or football shoes. The soft short spikes were designed with the game of golf in mind. Other sports shoes are designed to help the player run.

Golf shoes are designed to aid the golfer in the fluid motion necessary to make a proper swing. The spikes help hold the golfer in place when needed and aid during the swing through mobility. The spikes on a golf shoe are also designed to be less destructive on the actual course or green.

Many courses won’t allow football or soccer cleats on their green due to the longer spikes and more opportunities for damage.

7. Sole Design

Also, in tandem with a golf swing, the heel of the golf shoe is slightly more raised than other types of sports shoes. This is to aid the golfer in their swing’s fluid, natural motion.

The heel and toe are in line to help the golfer feel balanced when bringing the club to the ball. No other sports shoe can do this like a golf shoe can.

8. Benefits of Spiked Golf Shoes

women can wear golf shoes to improve their grip on the green course. Spikes come in handy when needing quick turns after striking the ball.

Advanced technology has also made it possible to detach the spikes on a shoe’s outsole. This way, golfers can customize the bottom of their shoes depending on the type of traction any certain course requires.

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9. Benefits of Spikeless Golf Shoes

Many golf courses do not admit spiked golf shoes on their green. This protects the course from any damage the spikes may induce through normal gameplay.

Spikeless golf shoes can still provide the golfer with much support, flexibility, and comfort. They also distribute the golfer’s weight evenly and are less expensive than spiked golf shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the main differences between synthetic leather and real leather shoes?

A: Leather uppers provide the best in the way of waterproofing and breathability. They are more costly than those made of synthetic material, but it is worth it to invest in a shoe that also provides better support on the course.

Q: How do I know what kind of spikes I need and how often I need to change them?

A: Check out a Golfsmith shoe department or go to our website and read the Spike Replacement Guide to learn which types of spikes you need. A good guide to remember is that you should change them every 3 months if you play once a week. This is also true if you are carrying your golf bag. Maximum stability is crucial to your success on the green. You need to be sure you get the amount of traction you desire, especially during your swing.

Q: Do golf shoes come in varying widths?

A: Check Shoe Sizing Chart to see the different widths golf shoes come in. Most manufacturers consider the fact that people have different-sized feet and accommodate for this. Athletic shoes normally run a bit wider than traditional saddle shoes, so keep this in mind and measure your foot before purchase.

How To Clean Golf Shoes

During a round of golf, golf shoes can become very dirty and need cleaning afterward. They are made out of leather or synthetic materials, and it is important to clean them to preserve their use and functionality. Golf shoes are expensive, so you want them to last as long as possible.

You can do this through routine cleaning after a day of play. Continue reading to learn some guidelines to follow when cleaning your golf shoes. You can always find additional information by consulting the manufacturer’s instructions.

you can always find additional information

Items You Will Need

  • Shoe polish
  • Mild soap
  • Water
  • Leather oil
  • Clean towel

Step 1
Use mild soap and water to clean the upper part of the golf shoe. Moisten the towel with soap and water and wipe off any dirt or debris. Be careful not to soak the shoe, or you can damage the material it is made from.
Step 2
Use shoe polish to remove any scuff marks that may have occurred. The polish comes with an easy-to-use applicator so you can brush on the color solution. There are a variety of colors to choose from, such as black, white, or brown, so that you can match the existing color of your golf shoe. Be sure to choose a polish that is safe to use on leather.
Step 3
Use soap and water to remove any dirt or debris from the outsoles of the golf shoes. Please wait 10 minutes after putting on the shoe polish to ensure it is scorched. Clean the spikes off of the soles during this step as well.

Step 4
Use leather oil to treat the golf shoe. Put a small amount of oil on the uppers and outsoles. This will preserve the shine and finish the cleaning process. Use the polishing cloth and gently massage a few drops of oil onto each shoe.



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