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How to Relieve Swollen Feet During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is perhaps the most important time in a woman’s life. Emotions can range from curiosity to apprehension to excitement and complete joy. There are so many considerations during this nine-month time frame. The bottom line, of course, is making sure that mother and child are safe and doing well.

There are many complications in pregnancy. Swollen feet and ankles are the most common visual ailments. This post looks at some of the best ways to treat and reduce swollen feet.

What Causes Swelling to Occur?

Before looking at how you can reduce swelling, let’s look at the main reasons for swelling in the feet and ankles.

First Trimester- When your body starts to adjust to the baby on your tummy. Digestion usually takes time, and morning sickness is usually experienced too. Swelling is minimal and can be seen around your arms, ankles, and feet.

Second Trimester- You may experience pain and major swelling on your feet and legs due to an increase in the size of your abdomen. This change causes the blood not to flow properly to your chest and heart. Other changes happen in your body that cause the body to retain fluids.

Third Trimester- The blood increases in your body significantly, up to 50% more. This causes the body to retain even more fluids on your body.

Home Remedies for Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

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