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Hammer Toe Surgery as Your Last Resort


If your toe gets buckled, crooked, or contracted, then, in that case, nothing can be the best option other than Hammer Toe Surgery. This kind of condition can also be termed a cross-over toe.

This is quite painful, and sometimes the pain increases so much that it seems completely unbearable. Excessive skin building up from corn can be corn identified as hammertoe.

A thorough medical examination is needed to understand whether there is any need for this surgery or not. The toe becomes swollen, red, warm, and irritated, and thus you will face huge trouble in wearing shoes. You will never be able to wear any stylish shoes as the foot specialists are strictly restricting it.

If you wear the wrong footwear for a long time, your toes will get exposed to this trouble.

To be more precise, foot deformities occur due to hammer-toe, and before this trouble goes too high, it needs to be surgically treated to get a proper correction of your toes.

In this case, corns and bunions are pretty standard, and on the other hand, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can also be invited as a result of this toe disease.

Simple treatments supporting surgeries of hammertoes

•    Wearing supportive shoes can be treated as one of the most relaxing and effortless options.

•    Using arch support can also be quite helpful as your toes need not require taking pressure of your body weight.

•    Wide-toe box-oriented shoes are to be used, and in most cases, these shoes are being recommended by foot doctors.

•    Foot activities can be easily modified, and you can also practice different kinds of toe exercises that are pretty relaxing in this case.

•    Periodical callus care is needed, along with the usage of spot-stretch shoes.

Non-surgical treatments that can be added

If hammertoe surgery needs to be successfully conducted, then a few non-surgical treatments also need to be practiced. A few essential non-surgical treatments that deserve special mention in this regard are as follows:-

•    Anti-inflammatory medicines can temporarily treat hammertoe until the surgery is done. These prescribed medicines are only used to tackle the symptoms efficiently.  Both inflammation and pain can be efficiently controlled using these prescribed medicines.

•    Your toe muscles might become tight or poorly functioned, and these muscles can only be well-treated through physical therapies. These therapies can bring your toes in comfortable condition very soon. Your muscles can receive a lot of strength from these therapies, and thus you will not feel any pain sensation until the surgery is done. Toes can be exacerbated, and inflammation can be reduced using specialized ultrasound techniques.

•    Customized foot orthotics are pretty good for treating hammertoes and the associated symptoms. This treatment is nothing but the regular usage of perfectly sized shoes. You are also instructed to wear medicated shoes that the foot doctors have recommended in some cases. Future deterioration and further discomfort can be minimized by wearing specially molded shoes.

•    Toe pads or splints can be used as one of the most significant supports. These pads make your toes feel excellent and comfortable under all circumstances, and on the other hand, the pains can be minimized day by day. Different kinds of shoe irritations can be easily tackled using these pads. These pads can be used in any shoes you are wearing. Your toes can be physically realigned, and on the other hand, acute protection of your toes can be guaranteed. Toe region-oriented swelling and pains can be reduced, but in that case, you have to use pads regularly.

•    Cortisone injections serve the best in this regard, and by pushing these injections, your toes can get more significant relief. These injections have innumerable anti-inflammatory properties, which can release inflammation immediately. Toe-ligaments can be well-supported and treat the probable symptoms of hammertoes. You should have these injections only if the doctors allow for the same.

What are the different surgical procedures for hammertoes?

Hammer Toe Surgery for making corrections to your deformed toes on a permanent note. This kind of surgery can be either termed as toe augmentation or else you can call it toe shortening. This toe job needs to be done quite carefully, and based on toe condition, the exact procedure needs to be detected first by the toe surgeons. Some of the basic procedures that are involved in this surgery are as follows:-

•    Joint resection is a specialized procedure that helps join the joints of any toe that have been sectioned due to a crooking condition. This is the perfect surgical method for correcting crooked toes getting affected by hammertoes.

•    Bone mending is another process where defective bones are being corrected or repaired. The concerned procedure can well treat buckled joints, and you will be able to place your toe nicely within your shoes after the surgical method. Different hardware options are available, and in some cases, temporary wires are being installed in your toes to straighten. This is one of the most typical procedures, and it is often termed toe-fusion surgery.

•    Toe relocation is mainly conducted in extreme cases, and here the toes are being properly relocated so that joint fittings can be done quickly. Toe-bone alignment should be corrected so that walking issues can be eliminated. A surgical rod is surgically fitted within the toe bone to create more significant support. Toe-ligaments are being corrected using this relocation system. Special after-surgical care needs to be conducted after this surgery, and the careful steps are usually being instructed by the expert surgeon so that quick recovery can be gained.

Dr Christine Nolan is the CEO and founder of Footdiagnosis.com. She also has extensive clinical experience and is therefore uniquely qualified to detect and manage diseases of the lower extremities including those related to peripheral arterial disease and diabetes.